VERDI TWIN Saw & Cutter, 2 in 1

The Verdi Twin is a multi-substrate cutter able to cut any type of material up to 305 cm in cutting height and a maximum thickness of 22 mm. Its unique and complete features guarantee to cover quickly, accurately and smoothly any cutting requirement, from low volume needs to high production ones.

The Verdi Twin is equipped with two cutting systems ready to use, a saw blade on the left to cut rigid materials and a pneumatic knife on the right for semi-rigid ones. The movement of the saw blade is guided through a robust guide system that guarantees a perfect straight cut all along the way and the powerful engine guarantees an accurate result. The pneumatic movement of the knife offers an easy-to-use and fast solution to cut any semi-rigid material.

The Verdi Twin is manufactured in 5 different sizes: The saw blade is manually operated in models 122 cm (48”) and 157 cm (61.8”); whereas in models 210 cm (82.7”), 244 cm (96.1”) and 305 cm (120.1”) the movement is automatically done through a belt-driven mechanism.

All models come equipped with a powerful 2 HP dust collector (item 02 12 06) to guarantee a dust-free operation.

Discover here the Verdi Basic, designed specifically to cut rigid materials.




Cutting Features

SAW BLADE Maximum Thickness
MDF / Hardboard / Wood  22 mm
Acrylics 12 mm
PVC 22 mm
Aluminum composite 12 mm
Aluminum sheets 3 mm
Corrugated plastic 22 mm
Foamboard 22 mm
Cardboard 22 mm
Honeycomb 22 mm
Corrugated plastic 13 mm
Mountboard 3-4 mm
Glass 6 mm*


* Optional Accessory Required (Only available for models 122 and 157)

Why is it different?


Regulator to adjust the cutting speed of the saw blade depending on the material that needs to be cut (only for models 210, 244 and 305).


Allow the possibility to adjust the stop position of the saw blade, which is useful to cut small pieces without losing time.


Silent and powerful engine to cut very rigid materials with no limitations.


Pneumatic switch to quickly and easily activate the pneumatic knife.


Quick system to hold the material and with the possibility of regulating the pressure if it’s required.

Other features
• Saw blade automatically returns to the upper position after each cut.
• See-through safety blade guard and cutting disc protector.
• Equipped with nylon rollers on the base to easily move and handle large materials.
• Two measurement stops to accurately set up  the desired measure to get.
• Laser system available as an accessory, useful to indicate the cutting line.
• All models provided with adjustable legs system.


Do you want to see how it works?


Saw blade

Aluminium Composite, Aluminium, PVC, Acrylic, MDF, Wood, Corrugated Plastic.


Pneumatic knife

Foamboard, Cardboard, Honeycomb, PVC, Mountboard, Corrugated Plastic, Glass*