The MT Mitre Saws have been designed to cut specifically aluminum profiles and feature the possibility to make high accuracy cuts  in  aluminum  profiles  at  45º,  right  and left, and at 90º. The saw blade is moved up and down manually through one single handle, which can be moved to different positions to change the angle.

The MT Mitre Saws come standard with a 80 teeth aluminum saw blade to reach a smooth cut and are equipped with a right arm to provide 108 cm of total cutting length, with an adjustable and removable measurement tab.

The MT480 is equipped with a useful and robust clamping system to hold the profile strongly, which allows the possibility to cut a wide range of profiles.

Discover here the MT481, with its clever pneumatic clamping system.

Why is it different?


Quick manual clamping system to hold the profile strongly and avoid any vibration during the cut.


Different pressers available, which can be changed quickly, to allow cutting any type of profile.


After cutting, the waste slide down, leaving the working area clean of scraps and shavings.

Other features
• The saw blade is joined directly to the engine, without gears or belts, to guarantee the best possible cut.
• The accurate adjustment when the cutting angle is changed guarantees the minimum waste of material.
• Special pressers available designed to cut specifically Nielsen profiles.


Some Allowed Aluminium Profiles