Josep Graells Palou and Regina Coll Visa founded in 1944 a small workshop specialized in making frames for pictures in Tàrrega (Lleida). Their forces, together with a particular vision and creativity, set the grounds of a family business group which is nowadays pioneer and leader in framers market, mouldings, machinery and complements fields.

Seventy years later, under the trademark Inglet, we produce for both internal and external markets, a complete range of machinery for picture framer, advertisement and photography fields. We produce and sell the most advanced machinery for these lines of business with a high quality assurance control and excellent features. Improving each of our customers’s expectations takes priority in our Company.



INGLET bases its market positioning in a business culture clearly innovative. A commitment aimed at fulfilling all our customers’ demands with excellent quality and service. A professional team keeps a close collaboration with their clients, to bring them up to date in an efficient and comprehensive way about last novelties in the property sector.

Thank you for choosing and trusting INGLET.